Hi Guys! Long time no post? Even though I haven’t been online for a few months – basically a year now I don’t want to abandon my blog so I’ve decided to pick back up blogging.  It might be a little bit of a slow start since I intend to compile posts which will provide […]

Admirals Club

My journey has finally begun, I have left college and am now waiting at Reagan Airport for my plane to board. There was almost a potential crisis earlier when I received an e-mail from AA (American Airlines… not Alcoholics Anonymous though this picture might make it look like I need to go to a meeting) saying that my flight leaves from Reagan National Airport not Dulles. Originally my sister and I both thought that we were leaving from Dulles, but everything go worked out and we both are scheduled to leave from Reagan. I just want to say that THANK GOD I ended up with the AA First Class Miles Saver because I didn’t have to pay for my extremely overweight bags, they got checked all the way through to Shanghai and I get to use the Admirals Club during my layovers… which are all very long! Right now, after I finish this post it’s reading time, until my plane boards in another 6 hours. Also, I just said goodbye to my amazing big sister, who is headed back home to Santiago, Chile. It’s going to be another 6 months before I get to go home and see my family there so until then I’ll be making the most out of the experiences abroad that I have.

Right now, my travel budget got a little bonus – $40 and $15 in change! My sister’s friend left us his change bucket full of quarters and dimes so we counted it up and it added up to $15, enough combined with my $40 to get me to the hotel!

I’m not sure If I will be able to blog the first few days I am in China until I buy a VPN. For those that do not know, China has a firewall that censors internet and social media use (unfortunate for me, a facebook addict) so until I get that sorted out the blog will probably be on hiatus.

Time to start reading, wish me luck!
Panda Out!

Counting the Budget

Yes…my budget is literally composed of coins. My friend, Dianaliz, is helping my tally up my $37.14 budget for the first few weeks in Shanghai.

Hello! Good News! I have a ride to Dulles! One of my sister’s friends has offered to drive us to the airport, THANK GOD! So now the wheels are turning (pun intended), and my trip begins in a few hours. We will be heading over to DC tomorrow afternoon and just crash at the airport […]

Growing up overseas and having friends and family living all over the place is one of the things that I feel the most privileged to have. However, it is a tad inconvenient having them live all over the world when you need one of them to live close by to help out.  This makes moving […]


About to go to sleep listening to some IU! She’s so cute I love the MV!

I read a book earlier this year about how if you write things down they are more likely to happen so today while I was thinking about how I am going to run this blog and keep it updated I decided to make a list of goals I have for the blog, hopefully I will […]